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JTEC Racing LC1 pedals are designed and developed with the aim of supplying a motorsport inspired simracing pedal set to meet the ultimate virtual racing experience.


This pedal set is made of solid laser cut stainless steel and is developed to last through the usage of high-quality materials and (electronic) components. It has a highly adjustable design with fully adjustable pedal geometry and force.


The JTEC Racing LC1 pedals will give you an excellent control and pedal feeling whilst racing, just like in a real race car.


  • Made of laser cut 3mm stainless steel

  • Oil-impregnated bronze bushing at pedal pivots

  • Linear position sensor on Throttle (very precise and durable sensor)

  • 200Kg Brake Loadcell Sensor

  • 5 Replaceable polyurethanes + brake cups + 1 spring included (3 hardness levels)

  • Interchanging the progressive polyurethane rollers (and spring) enable the brake pedal to be tuned to driver preference (no tools needed thanks to our custom made system)

  • Use of a high quality custom made torsion spring on Throttle for a smooth and precise movement (progressive feel)

  • Adjustable Brake Preload for finetuning of the pedal stiffness

  • Adjustable Pedal Stroke/Travel on Throttle and Brake

  • Adjustable Pedal Pads on both pedals

  • Adjustable Pedal Angle on both pedals

  • Plug & Play high quality electronics by Leo Bodnar with curves software

  • PC connection (only PC, no console) with single 3m USB cable

  • Dust proof connectors for maximum reliability

  • Powder coated 8mm Baseplate (zero flex under load)

  • Set of bolts and nuts to fix the pedals to the baseplate and mount the baseplate to your rig

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