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JTEC Racing LC1 pedals are designed and developed with the aim of supplying a motorsport inspired pedal set to meet the ultimate virtual racing experience.


This pedal set is made of solid laser cut stainless steel and is developed to last through the usage of high-quality materials and (electronic) components. It has a highly adjustable design with fully adjustable pedal geometry and force.



  • Laser cut 3mm stainless steel (extremely strong material, no flex)

  • Linear sensor used in industry for accurate measurement of the physical pedal position

  • Use of a high quality custom made torsion spring for a smooth and precise movement (progressive feel)

  • Customized feel by:

    • Adjustable Pedal Pad Height (3 positions)

    • Adjustable Pedal Angle (8 different positions)

    • Adjustable Pedal Stroke/Travel (4 positions)


Every driver will be able to find his perfect throttle set up thanks to the many adjustment options on the pedal.



  • Laser cut 3mm stainless steel (extremely strong material, no flex)

  • 200kg loadcell sensor

  • Customized feel by:

    • Adjustable Pedal Angle (8 different positions)

    • Adjustable Pedal Pad Height (3 positions)

    • Adjustable Brake Preload

    • Adjustable Pedal Firmness and Travel by interchanging the progressive polyurethane rollers and spring (no tools needed)

  • Package includes 5 replaceable polyurethanes + 1 spring + 2 cups:

    • 3 different levels of hardness: soft -medium-hard


By easily interchanging and combining the polyurethane rollers with different hardness levels you can alternate from a soft pedal with a certain travel to an extremely firm pedal with minimal travel.


This system allows every driver to find his best personal set up which will result in an accurate response to foot (muscle memory) and an excellent feeling when braking.



  • Powder coated 8mm metal sheet

  • Extremely strong material => zero flex under load

  • Features 4 mounting holes and comes with a set of bolts and nuts to fix the pedals to the baseplate and mount the baseplate to your rig


Pedal mounting slots in the baseplate allows lateral adjustment and positioning of each pedal.

Slots in the pedal feet themselves allows forward and backward adjustment of the pedals.



  • High quality board by Leo Bodnar => 16 Bit Hi resolution electronics

  • PC connection (only PC, no console) with single 3m USB cable => Plug and Play

  • Calibration of the pedals with DIVIEW software or with the brand new curves software by Leo Bodnar

JTEC Racing LC1 - 2 pedals set (Baseplate included)

VAT Included

    • THROTTLE pedal
    • BRAKE pedal with 200kg loadcell sensor
    • 8mm Powdercoated BASEPLATE
    • 5 Replaceable polyurethanes + 1 spring + 2 cups
    • 3m USB cable
    • 8x M6 bolt + 8x M6 nut (to fix pedals to baseplate)
    • 4x M8 bolt + 4x M8 nut + 4x M8 T-nut + 8x M8 washer (to fix baseplate to rig)
    • JTEC Racing stickers
    • Product manual


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